Monday, 10 August 2015

Week # 3

Week #3 of half marathon training was a wash!

It started with a rainy week at camp. I slipped on a wet wooden step and got a deep gash in my ankle. It is taking a lot longer to heal than I expected. Soaking it in an epsom salt foot bath and generally keeping it clean and dry. I also was eating different food and wasn't getting as much rest and sleep as normal. I Found it difficult to get back on track.

This summer has been so busy lately that I haven't had time to update my blog.
Today, I'm going to talk about the fact that its okay to have okay runs and races and what can effect how you run.

It's okay to have okay runs & races 

Not every run or race is going to go exactly the way we want it to go. We have to accept that. It's okay because there are so many more races and there is tons of time to improve. Trying your best is all that matters. 
Things that can effect how we run & race

 -different foods sometimes eating different foods before running can cause stomach pains when we run and sometimes our bodies aren't getting enough fuel from from those foods.
 -sleep when we don't get enough sleep the night or nights before our race it can cause fatigue.
- dehydration sometimes dehydration can lead to getting sick and can cause fatigue.
- exercise sometimes running or getting lots of exercise  the days leading up to a race can cause fatigue.

If you ever get discouraged when running just remember- why your doing it and why you love it. 

These are things that I have to keep in mind too. It is easy to forget and loose the enjoyment of the moment. You never improve by being too hard on yourself.

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