Sunday, 20 September 2015

Change of plans! Iam no longer running the half marathon. Cross-Country regionals are the day after, and I would really like to perform my best in that than be recovering from the big half.
Today I ran the Coxheath hills trail race! It was the toughest and most grueling course I ever ran on.
It was approx. 8k, but felt double or even triple the distance. I enjoyed it.
We didn't run this whole route, but we did run part of it.
this was after the race.  I am really happy and excited after races and it's the most enjoyable feeling for me. There is nothing else that has that excitement, happiness, and being proud.
Last Saturday, I did a Triathlon at the coast guard college in West mount. It was so fun. I had a great time
This is me before the swim.
This was the bike. It was challenging and fun.
The run was really tough because it felt like I had weights attached to my legs. The bike made it challenging.

I have found my passion for life!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week # 7

I'm now on week #7! I missed a couple of weeks due to being away and just being busy. I have been training lately and it's been tough at times but I sure do love it.
This week I ran 20k! it's the most I've ever run.

I ran it in 2:05:00. This route was all hills so it was really tough.
 I'm finally finished!

This run was definitely tough, but I'm excited to do more training and run the fiddlers run in October!