Monday, 27 July 2015

Week # 2

It's week # 2 of of half marathon training! Today I ran 14k. It was very tiring but fun.
Two hands for both roads and week #2! I ran in Beinn Breagh (beautiful mountain in gaelic). Long hill describes itself. A steep hill that is very LONG. 
This week I did a 9k run in Big Baddeck. It sounds like I won't be going back to run there for awhile because there was a mama and baby bear sighting.
Next week, I was thinking of maybe doing running for 10 minutes then 1 minute  walk for the 16k long run.I'm going to try it out see how I like it.
This is my pal, Marlee. She loves to finish strong with me. She is a chocolate yorkshire terrier. She can do more than you think a little dog could ever do. She will walk/run  with my mom while I run. She also loves to spend time and play outside as much as I do. If shes not running or walking, shes in the car spotting me, with her head out the window.
Marlee's breeder is great. Check out her facebook page if your looking for the perfect dog...ha ha. Click right Here. 
Even if you don't live in Cape Breton you can still get one shipped.

has anyone else tried running for 10 minutes walk for 1 minute or anything similar? Did you like it?

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