Wednesday, 24 June 2015

how much I have improved in one year!

Last year, I ran the Ben Buffet run in 29:53. It was one of my first races, and it was really fun! I also ran my second 10k with a time of 59:56.

This year I ran Ben Buffet run and  I was the second female (8th overall). My time was 22:28. I am so proud of my self!!!! I also have been completing 10ks. My 10k PB I set in May at the Emma Van Nostrand run is 45:56.
I would like to honor  Ben Buffet who was a great long distance runner from New Waterford, NS who trained and ran the Boston marathon with Johnny Myles twice. I would also like to honor Emma Van Nostrand from Coxheath  died of a heart disease while running the last 4k in the Toronto marathon.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Joys of Running!
 Lately, I experienced the joys of running with a friend. I had such a great time. We were not focusing on distance, time, or speed. It was just pure enjoyment and fun. Finding a friend to run with is like finding a pot of gold for me. I also recently did interval training for the first time. It was great. I was able to do this with an experienced runner who was lots of fun. Running allows you to set goals. My goals right now are, setting a PB for the 5k 22:28 and for the 10k 45:56. My long term goal is to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. Running allows you to relieve stress. I find running helps me focus, relax, and be a happier person. I have met so many new people. Every runner I have met, is so dedicated,enthusiastic, and always so positive! Running is such a great sport. I know I have found my passion!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Running is so fun! Today I ran the Cape Breton fiddlers 10k. I was the second female with a time of 46:19. I thought I had a PB, only to find out the clock was running a bit late. That is alright. I am still super proud.

yesterday was great! I ran the youth fiddlers 2.1k and I came in second! It was so fun!
After the race, i went to a local YMCA. I did zumba and I tried fencing for the first time.

fencing was great! I was so pumped for today's 10k!