Friday, 17 July 2015

Port Hood Triathlon!!!

The Port Hood Triathlon I completed it last Saturday and it was great. I haven't had time to update my blog lately because I have been so busy. I came in first place. Any kid can sure do this one. It is just for fun so it is not timed and no placements. The distances aren't very long. Every kid who completes the race gets a finishers medal along with a t-shirt and a goodie bag.
The sun was very bright.
The transition is my hardest part. Try to take the least amount of time. My sneakers are always full of sand when I finish triathlons. Here are some tips for the transition:
-have a towel or a bin to keep your stuff organized
-make sure your helmet is clearly visible and easy to access because  in most triathlons putting your helmet on first is a rule.
-make sure your laces are easy to tie (I had elastic laces on so I could just sinch them up) double knot them too so they won't come undone
-have two waterbottles. Have one for drinking and one for skriting water on your feet to get the sand off.(never thought of bringing extra water for feet this time.)
- have a small towel to dry feet.
Triathlons are so fun!!!

Does anyone else have tips for transition? I would love to hear them!

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